Musical Update

Hi from the studio!


Just wanted to give you a little update from what's been going on lately.  I am hard at work on the rewrites for the musical about Olympian Greg Louganis.  For those of you that don't know Greg and I have been developing this story for quite a few years.  We along with Judy Norton who is writing the book, have put in lots of blood, sweat, and tears on this project already.  We had an amazing industry reading a few months ago including Broadway producers, Hollywood producers, press, and investors as well as friends and family.  We had a steller cast of 15 that really brought it to life.  

It has taken every moment of my creative time for the last couple of years.  Who knew a musical was so much work!  I so appreciate all of the really encouraging emails, messages, etc that i have received cheering me on.  I can't tell you how much that helps.  

I am also working on a new album as well that i hope to have out later in 2018.  Lots of creative juices flowing.  Keep me in your thoughts as you are always in mine.

Love you always


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