New Music

Being in the studio (other than performing for you guys) is by far my most favorite part of the "job" of being a singer/writer/musician.  The feeling of walking into the studio with a completely blank canvas where anything that is in your brain is possible is the most surreal feeling. 

As you know, I have spent the last few years working on the Greg Louganis musical which is coming along really well.  Because I guess I am an overachiever, I have also been quietly working on my next album as well these last few months.  

It's always a scary feeling staring at the blank "canvas" wondering if anything good will come out this time.  But I guess that's what also makes it so exciting- that feeling that anything is possible.  It is always a mystery how the inspiration for music, floating out in the ether somewhere, finds it's way down to my studio.  

The birthing process of an album is always exciting, nerve wracking, slightly painful at times, exhausting, wonderful, and always worth it. I am truly excited and can't wait to share this with you. Love you , xo PAC

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