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First of all, thanks again so much to all of you that made it out to the Record Release @ The Roxy Theater. There were hundreds of people there and I wanted to talk to you all!! Thanks to those of you that couldn't make it but left me messages, sent gifts, or sent your thoughts.I have compiled some of the photos that fans took and posted them on the website! under photography.  There are two pages so make sure to click on both pages. If you have some that you would like added as well. You can send them to this email and we will get them up there!The single "Leaving California" is doing well and is available around the world.  The entire album will be available through ITUNES, RHAPSODY, AMAZON, and in retail stores in a few days.  Make sure to request the song at your local radio stations as I hear it is being played!

 If you want a copy of the Special Edition record release version of the album with the bonus song, there a a very small number left.  You may send a self addressed stamped package big enough for a cd and $10 to :

Patrick Alan Casey Prod.

1535 6th street #509

Santa Monica, CA 90401

and we will get one out to you pronto.  Also, I have started a blog (per request) and I will try to update it weekly to let you know all and any news on the website.  You can check that out and leave comments on my ramblings @ again for all your support and your love.    ThanksPatrick


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