New Christmas Single

It has been awhile since I blogged.  I have a new Christmas single "What Child is This" coming out today! 

I have always wanted to to an entire Christmas/holiday album so this is a start, I suppose.  It was really fun putting together this arrangement of one of the oldest and most classic melody with one of my other favorite Christmas songs "I Wander as I wonder".   I hope you all enjoy it.  Give me your feedback.

I have been hard at work writing and recording the new album! It has really been picking up steam as of late and I am getting more excited as i can start to see progress in the concept and theme.  It is always a little bit scary everytime I go to do this because the fear is that "What if nothing comes out?" or "Maybe all of my best songs I have already written"...  I think the fear is good because it pushes me to try to attain my best.. The best version of myself and to really be honest with my music.. Which is always where I try to live.

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday... As always you guys are the reason that I do this and your comments and your love have always pushed me.

Love to you all,


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