You just keep getting better, this last album is just awesome...............
I've been listening to 40 Days & 40 Nights in my car on repeat for a week now and I think Over Again has finally pulled to the top as my favorite. But with every song I think you can see how much you have grown as an artist from the first album. I've being trying to put a word to what I hear in this album and it's been difficult. I hear your passion, emotion, heart, soul, inspiration, resilience and hope but none of those really capture it well. The feelings are relatable. A lot of the songs when I hear them, I think they belong in movies, especially Song Plays On. it feels like the theme of a drama, the story of a women who has survived tragedy, heartache, and devastating loss, she comes out the other side having found herself and her strength. She's rebuilding her life, knowing it's going to hard but she can do it because...the Song Plays On. It's inspirational, I don't know if as a musician thats a compliment, but it's meant to be.
listened to your interview and downloaded your song from iTunes. Proud of you, miss ya, keep on! Es
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Thanks , I have just been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I?ve discovered till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?
just another way to keep in contact lol. Thankful to be a part of this journey with you. :)
I am so glad I heard your version of Hallelujah on a friend's Facebook page. I love it and have downloaded it from I-tunes. I had to call mom to see if this was the Patrick I remember from El Dorado. Great job and keep up the good work.
nice job dude!!!
Oh Patrick, one more thing ....I think your next album should be titled "So Glad I Stayed in California" hahahahaha! xxxoo
Wow Patrick, I'm so proud of you! Congratulations, I'm so happy all of your hard work is paying off! Kick ass boy!
Patrick, Great album! Leaving California makes me hope you don't! Much love and many blessings on the road ahead... -Kenny
Hey- Thanks everybody for your great comments. I read them often. You guys make it all worth it! Much love and blessings! Patrick
good for you glad your hard work is going to pay off
El Do's proud of you man. Keep putting out that great music. I knew when I heard the song you wrote for your brother at his wedding you were good. Im calling KESM in the morning!
I'm so proud this young man is from my home town! I wish him all the luck in world.
Love,love,love you!! What can I are awesome in every way!!!!
Ran across your music online, lets just say- You are The Bomb! True quality
Hey man, this music is awesome, you rock!! Keep on Singing
WOW!! I am totally impressed, I love your sound and your songs, I am definately a new fan!! Coming from the same home town, I wish I would have known sooner you were out there writing and singing!! Congrats on your sucess!
...soothing voice + original sound = new fan!
Patrick ... I have enjoyed your music all afternoon. I called Ron to make sure this was 'our Patrick' ... :-) Congratulations on your album and your success. We love you! :-) Es Allred
Sounds great deserve all the success. Congrats!
I've always believed in you, Patrick. I was a fan before there was a fan club! God has gifted you; I'm proud of your hard work and love your music!
Awesome music
Congratulations Patrick! Your music sounds great - hope you love your work as much as it sounds like you do!
So happy for you Patrick!
Your music is fabulous. You are fabulous.
Great Job PAC Man!! Keep up the good work...U make me proud....Heres to ur success!!! Cheers!!! For the record: Thats not my lipstick im wearing in the photos u posted.. HAHA. I was drunker than shite.
My dearest Patricio, I bought a new ipod so I could go to itunes and listen to you song there (although my old ipod had the Somebody Someone songs on it.
Hey Patrick!!!! Wow your voice is just amazing!!! OMG very goood!! Wish you all the best...
One more week and it's game time! I can't wait to see the show. Love the music, always have. Congrats on the success.
Incredible Music, You really do have a superstar voice. I know you'll go very far!
I had my iPod on shuffle and your song came on. :)
hey patrick , Amazing Work !! cant wait to see you perform at the roxy!!!! Will be a night to remember for all!!!
Congrats the single sounds great. Much success senor, you deserve it.
You're AWESOME! I'm amazed by your music and many talents! I knew I should've made you give me an autograph in grade school! :) God Bless!
West is that way
So, so proud of you!
Love your music Patrick! Can't wait for the release !
Congrats Patrick. See you soon.
Sounding great! Can't wait to hear the album.
looks like your doing great. congrats :)
Proud of you love :)
You da you da best...!
Can;t wait for the album, love the music!!! Love ya too!!!
sweet can't wait to get the album. much love bro!
Sounds amazing!
I am so proud of you, cuz! I love and and miss you and will see you soon. Xoxo
Love your music Patrick. :) I'm sad that Insane and Undone were taken off my myspace playlist, but I'll be owning all your music anyway. Keep it up! So happy for you!
Maybe I should've put my actual name down below. lol
Love the website... Looking forward to the release and seeing you live in concert. Good luck in the future, job well done!
Love the new site and love the new songs... I miss you friend. We've got to get a Nashville gig on the books soon. :)
How could anyone not enjoy good music? I'm looking forward to the release!
ok - I listened to it all and am loving it - I have a feeling it's going to be a wild n fun ride for u, great album, big fan. All my best & break a leg ! M.xo M:
Great website. Set up really nice. Nice to see Kevin Lambert's name included. Leaving California and One More Day are absolutely amazing. Love them both. My favs over all and they are your originals!!
Long time fan! Git Giggin'! Nice website.

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